Psyche Content and Social Excellence in the Human Community

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Planet earth holds a human community of over 7 billion human population, all with a nearly common set of psyche ability with which nature equips the human kind from the onset of their creation or existence e.g. vision, memory, thought, understanding, speech, action etc., but yet with varying natures and levels of psyche content existing in form of psyche or universal awareness, values and knowledge which is identified and gathered within them from an inward examination of themselves or an outward observation of the universal space comprising the vast natural environment and ecology around them with the collective help of the various psyche ability they possess from the onset of their existence.

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From historic and current observation of the facts and expanse of literature on the human and human community, the psyche content of the individual human is noted to be attributed with strong potentials to influence the outward behavioural capacity of the individual human, and, hence, can influence the emanating states and responses of the universal space which receive the outputs of the outward behavioural capacity or activity from the individual human. Catholic priest and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin describes this concept as well in his book The Phenomenon of Man (1959), where he mentions that at the moment the first living creature consciously ‘perceived itself in its own mirror, the world took a pace forward.’ And that, ‘the being who is the object of his own reflection, in consequence to that very doubling back upon himself, becomes in a flash able to raise himself into a new sphere.’ He emphasises the nature and role of the psyche content in relation to the psyche ability of perception in bringing about the potential for influence or change in the universal space or community of the human afterwards, explaining that it is not merely ‘to know,’ but to establish a centre from which one can ‘know that one knows.’ – The ‘center’ from which one can ‘know that one knows’ illustrating a perceived ‘psyche content’ model.

Out of the apparent psyche strength open to the individual human from the combo of the psyche ability bestowed by nature to the human kind and the psyche content harnessed by the human with the support of the possessed psychic ability, and the corresponding influence of such individual human strength on the shared universal space or community, grows opportunities and problems for the collective population of individual humans or the human community. Over the existence of the collective human community, the human population is observed to grapple with social or community problems of all sorts which consequently degrade the value and quality of the experience receivable or perceivable by the individual human from the surrounding universal space. Philosopher of consciousness Ken Wilber attempts to explain such problems in his writing on his website (1997), where he states that: ‘Gaia’s *(Gaia: a term used to refer to the earth in ancient Greek religion) main problems are not industrialisation, ozone depletion, overpopulation, or resource depletion. Gaia’s main problem is the lack of mutual understanding and mutual agreement in the noosphere *(noosphere: the name Catholic priest and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin employed to refer to the concept of ‘collective consciousness’) about how to proceed with these problems. There is undoubtedly in existent a large class or groups of hopeless individual humans who believe most of the problems present in the world of man today can never be solved by any of man’s effort and that man will do best just to sit to watch it all consume up the splendour of natural and sacred life before his very eyes. Psychiatrist Roger Walsh believes and supports the existence of these human class and groups when he mentioned in his work The Transpersonal Movement: A History and State of the Art (1994) that ‘global problems ranging from ecological destruction to overpopulation and resource depletion are actually symptomatic of wounds in our individual and collective minds.’ These human class and groups stand in the way of the achievement of social excellence in the collective human community, as well as universal excellence in the universal space.

In certain communities around the world, poor levels of psyche content among the collective individual human population is constantly subjecting individual humans to unnatural discomfort and harm from all sort of vices from the human community and the universal space e.g. overpopulation, corruption, oppression, poverty, environmental resource depletion, climate change, etc., and thereby hampering the tendency for the social or human community to attain healthiness and splendour within the remote human community or the overall universal space. Like in Nigeria, where a widespread degree of low and poor levels of psyche content e.g. psyche or universal awareness, values, and knowledge, is evident among the individual human population and inevitably matched with a complimentary degree of human community or universal space degradation e.g. corruption, injustice, terrorism, unproductiveness, economic break down, social irresponsibility, poverty, air pollution, environmental pollution, etc., depriving the individual human population existent in this community of the natural and sacred healthiness and splendour derivable from the human community or the universal space. Other communities in the same African region where the Nigerian community is located, like Mali, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, etc., suffer nearly peculiar fates and can barely grant or support an opportunity for the individual human population to experience the natural and sacred well-being and splendour that can be enjoyed from the human community or the surrounding universal space.

psyche consciousness

And the only opportunity which the human kind is able to leverage on to redeem itself from such a fatal fate is still embedded in the recurrent principle that the psyche content among the individual human population at the individual level is found with a strong potential to influence the nature and quality of the experience that is open to every individual human from the collective human population at the community level, or the universal space at the universal level. Culture and Consciousness researcher, author, and speaker Duane Elgin also suggests this opportunity as an alternative for the individual human or the collective human population to leverage upon in bringing about the sort of collective human community or universal space which is much more desirable, favourable, and supportive to the human kind and cause in his work with the Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, Michigan, titled Collective Consciousness and Cultural Healing (1997), where he asserts that, if the words of the Psychiatrist Roger Walsh is true concerning the cause of the global problems in the human community and the universal space, ‘then humanity’s evolutionary success depends not only on awakening our collective consciousness but also on promoting its health and healing.’ He further iterates that, ‘acknowledging and healing the psychic wounds that divide us is as vital to our future as recognising the ties that bind us.’ For example, Duane states, ‘when the mass media awakened U.S. citizens to civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and the environmental movement, it made the reality of these movements undeniably apparent to the larger society.’ And he adds that, ‘being unable to ignore the reality of these powerful movements, the American people began to awaken together to issues of racial justice, gender discrimination, and ecological discrimination.’

I believe there can be no doubt on the effectiveness of psyche and collective consciousness in mitigating the problems, and taking advantage of the limitless opportunities, that currently exist in our immediate human community and the wider universal space that make up the planet earth in which we reside. But I must add that it is evident, and we must not forget to bring to our consciousness as well, that the prime problem before us in attaining the social or community excellence we crave is that of individually or collectively reaching and embarking on ways to actualise our individual and collective consciousness and to promote the health and healing of the collective ties we share, in preparation for our realisation of that individual and collective consciousness and its healthiness and recovery. So the individual or collective human population should hence continuously task itself with arriving at, and committing to, ways to bring to reality the individual or collective, higher psychic consciousness and content of the individual or collective human population and the fostering of the healthiness and recovery of this individual or collective, higher psychic consciousness and content among the individual or collective human population.

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