Our core operations span the areas of Writing and Management, but we also understand that our customers’ needs transcend these core service areas and that with our values and expertise in overall life and business Management we can support our customers in securing satisfaction for their other diverse needs.

In a bid to support the satisfaction of our customers’ other diverse needs that fall outside our core operations and expertise, we have developed the ‘Service-Work Partner’ career model that will enable independent service providing individuals or enterprise owners delivering services outside our core service areas to team up with us to deliver those other services that our customers may demand from time to time.

Our ‘Service-Work Partner’ career model fits are independent service providing individuals or enterprise owners who possess historically proven high competence in their respective service areas with strong organizational and relationship values from any region of the world and are willing to partner with us over a minimum of 2-3 years to deliver quality services to our customers.

Individuals or enterprise owners choosing to pursue the ‘Service-Work Partner’ career model with us will have the opportunity to tap into our demand traffic through us at reasonable percentage commission charges per unit service earnings and earn all excesses per unit service earnings after commission deductions in return.

Our ‘Service-Work Partner’ performance will be rewarded from time to time through our in-house efforts to ensure that top performing ‘Service-Work Partners’ gain priority in customer/job allocations.



To apply for this career opportunity with us:

Send your personal bio, Linkedin profile (or resume), Twitter handle, and a short essay on ‘why you would love to pursue this career with us and your suggestion of things that are likely to help you perform better in this position’ to: hassanbiznpr@yahoo.com


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