Digital Content Marketing Solution bundle Starting: $350 (International-based clients) or N56, 000 (Nigeria-based clients)

Our Digital Content Marketing Solution bundle is modelled and offered to deliver paid, optimised and client market content publishing and sharing to our organisation’s web and alternative social media through collaborative and cooperative work efforts and contributions from the client (you), and our web, content and marketing experts.

Basic bundle features:

a. Content text (350-700 words text limit)

b. Content image (max. 2 image files)

c. Content link (max. 2 web/url links)

d. Content sponsor (name, address, and contact details of content sponsor)

e. Content sharing (1 month) *between 3-5 spd (shares/day)


More features to be made available to you in other options we’ll bring to you in the future.



Send an email order (with the email subject as: ‘Order: ‘transaction item’, e.g. To order this bundle, email subject will be: ‘Order: Digital Content Marketing bundle) to our support team at: to request for a transaction invoice for this bundle and payment details to help you proceed with your payment and bundle acquisition, as well as bundle customisation and setup after acquisition.



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