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Content Development and Management| Business Development and Management| Human Development and Management| Product Development and Management| Process Development and Management| Brand Development and Management| Social Media Development and Management| Innovation Development and Management

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Ahmed A. H. Writing and Management Enterprise is a new and growing, solely-owned business enterprise with its core operations spanning the industry of writing and management, and a business goal of providing and delivering suitable and highly effective writing and management support solutions and consulting that will meet and solve the writing and management needs or problems of individuals, groups, or organisations in all task industry- your organisation as well.

Our solutions and consulting cover: content development and management; business development and management; human development and management; product development and management; process development and management; brand development and management; social media development and management; and, innovation development and management.

Ahmed A. H. Writing and Management Enterprise is founded, owned, and managed by Nigerian independent writer, manager, and entrepreneur Ahmed A. Hassan. It currently employs and collaborates with a team of highly competent writing and management experts and providers that contribute competitive knowledge and resources to cater for writing or management related customer needs or problems before the organisation.

It is hoped that with a consultation session between our experts and your organisation, we can better understand the writing and management related problems your organisations will need to solve, and be able to prescribe to your organisation exact writing and management support solutions from us or our affiliates which can help address those problems and get better results and performance for your organisation.

Consult us now for enquiry or support!

*Contact us via our phone, email or social media indicated overhead


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