Office and business operations at ‘AhMed A. H., Writing and Management Enterprise’ leverages on and is fully supported by modern ‘Social Media’ technology which includes ‘web’ and ‘mobile’ communication technology.

It is a known and inevitable fact that human- and business-wide activities thrives on communication. This may signal and explain the need and importance of the ‘Social Media Assistant’ career specialist or expert to our business endeavour.

Our ‘Social Media Assistant’ position fits are self-motivated individuals who possess minimum Academic/Educational qualifications in any given discipline but preferably in the Writing and Management disciplines with strong and up-to-date Computer, Web and Mobile technology skills, as well as good Communication, Writing, and Analytic prowess, from any region of the world and are willing to work a minimum of 2-3 hours online daily through the week handling and responding to all our inbound online ‘Social Network’ traffic.

Individuals pursuing the ‘Social Media Assistant’ position with us will have the opportunity to experience and learn new skills, build invaluable life relationships, aspire to new roles and higher responsibilities with us and earn highly competitive income and special employee benefit packages while working with us.

To apply for this career opportunity with us:

Send your personal bio, Linkedin profile (or resume), Twitter handle, and a short essay on ‘why you would love to pursue this career with us and your suggestion of things that are likely to help you perform better in this position’ to:



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